LMS (Learning Management System) – What is that?

LMS is short for Learning Management System. It can also sometimes be called e-learning platform. It's a digital platform for managing courses and students. It is used in schools, but also in companies for onboarding and other corporate training. A LMS let you create and distribute online courses. It also lets you manage the students of these courses, tracking and documenting the learning that happen in the LMS.

Common components making up a modern LMS:

  • User accounts – with authorization to make sure the student can access the information, while making sure this, sometimes sensitive, informations isn't made public.
  • Course management – letting you create new online courses and update existing ones.
  • User management – letting you import users, grant them access to courses and track which users have completed what course.
  • Self correcting quizzes – to automatically follow up on, and validate the learning (and lessen the administration).
An example of a mobile online course in Evercate LMS